Early Signs of Dad Bod

Here we go. The moment of truth. Take a deep breath. Suck in that gut. Let’s find out if these pants still fit.

The pants are a little tight. No. They’re definitely tight. You can’t do the top button.

You think back to that second slice of pecan pie from Thanksgiving. You curse your office Christmas party for being merry and serving free drinks. You wished apple season had passed completely without your wife’s delectable apple pies.

Then you look in the mirror. And you recall the Halloween candy you liberated from your kids. It’s for their own good you said to yourself.

This is a dangerous time of the year for weight management. It’s the dead of winter. It’s the time for pies and Sunday roasts. We just survived a deluge of holiday parties. It’s the season for excusable overindulgence and hiding a deteriorating physique in sweaters.

It doesn’t need to be that way. You can fit in those pants when the cherry blossoms bloom and wedding season rolls around again. You only need to be aware of the signs that you’re developing a dad bod:

Your clothes don’t fit like they used to.

Pants don’t lie. They didn’t shrink in the closet. You’re not carrying extra water weight. You gained weight. Now make sure you don’t gain anymore.

You’re snacking after dinner.

Milk and cookies before bed takes you back to the carefree days when you didn’t have kids. If the kids are having milk and cookies, why can’t you? Because your kids don’t have your slow metabolism.

You haven’t exercised in – well, you can’t remember.

Getting time to go to the gym is challenging. Between work and family time, it’s tough to head out to the gym for a workout. Try to find a short workout you can do at home. Walk more. Do squats while holding your baby. Any kind of activity is better than no activity.

You find yourself eating your kids’ leftovers.

Being the human garbage disposal is dad’s work. It’s admirable to make sure food doesn’t go to waste, but those extra calories add up. Put the leftovers in tupperware and store them in the refrigerator. Eat it for your next meal. You don’t have to make the food disappear like a mob snitch.

You can’t lift your kids.

The kids are getting heavier because of all these holiday parties and rich food. Right? Yeah, that must be it. You say to yourself while you catch your breath climbing your stairs.

A slice of cake here and a piece of chocolate there doesn’t seem like a lot. But dad bod can sneak up on you. You can hide in big sweaters and avoid looking at yourself in the mirror all winter long. Future you won’t appreciate the hole you’ve dug for yourself when it’s time to get in your spring and summer attire.

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