Parenting Strategy: West Coast Offense

Scripting the first 15 plays of the football game was an innovative element of Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offense. This facet of the football mastermind’s strategy helped the San Francisco 49ers minimize mistakes, control the tempo and start the game on the right foot. Their execution of the West Coast Offense propelled them to five Super Bowl wins in the 80s and 90s. As a parent you want to start the day off right, minimize mistakes, and control the tempo of your day 1. You won’t be playing for a Super Bowl, but it’ll certainly  feel like you won the Super Bowl when your kid is calm and quietly playing, while you’re sitting down enjoying a moment of peace. To make sure your day starts efficiently, try this parenting strategy. Here are the first 10 plays you should be running when you wake up in the morning:

I. Shower

Wake up your body and your senses. Turn it up a notch and take a cold water shower.

II. Get in your uniform for the day

Be prepared for battle. Be comfortable. Wear something that will endure stains yet flexible enough to squat down when your child asks you to play “horsey.”

III. Attend to your waking child

For the love of all that is good do not wake your sleeping child. If he or she is sleeping in, enjoy it! Sit quietly with your eyes closed and embrace the moment of peace that you have been awarded.

IV. Breakfast

Think of what you want to cook the night before and try to lay out the ingredients. Or if you’re scrambling to get a quick breakfast, oatmeal and fruit is the ace up your sleeve.

V. Set up a post-breakfast activity

Take out some toys, or a drawing book or tune the TV to their favourite morning cartoons. You need a distraction to run the next plays.

VI. Empty dishwasher

See what I mean? That post-breakfast activity is crucial if you want to clean up that small food explosion that occurred during breakfast.

It’s really handy to have an empty dishwasher throughout the day. Rather than leaving dirty dishes to pile up on the counter or in the sink, you just drop them off in the dishwasher.

VII. Clean up breakfast

Now that your dishwasher is cleared out it’s ready to receive the dirty dishes from breakfast.

VIII. Make the beds

This play is optional. My first job was working in the housekeeping department of a Fairmont hotel. I like a nice crisp bed with hotel corners. We also only have two beds  and fitted sheets so it’s really not a lot of work.

XI. Get the kid ready

Time to wrangle up your Little Beast Mode and get her ready for the day. For me, this includes taming her wild girl hair and preparing two outfits for her to choose from.

X. Activity

Now that you have your home in order and your child is ready then you can start calling plays based on your kid’s mood, the weather, or events in the community.

There you have it. Ten plays for you to start your day off right. What’s your parenting strategy when you wake up in the morning? If you have any ideas/suggestions, I would love to hear them!

  1. AND emulate champions.

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