How I Nurture My Daughter’s Adventurous Nature

My two-year-old daughter held my hand as we climbed the steps on the side of a hill which led to the top of a towering aluminum slide. For the first two slides, she asked to sit on my lap so that we could slide together. I started to sit for our third run, but before I could, she waved me off. She wanted to try by herself. I asked her to wait while I scurried down the steps so that I could catch her at the bottom of the slide. In a few moments, I realized I didn’t need to worry so much. As she slid, she put her hands  on the sides to slow herself down and control her descent. She let out a, “Yay!” when she finished and we exchanged high fives. I couldn’t be prouder. She tried something new and found a way to do it safely by herself.

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  1. Salman says

    Happy fathers day. What are your plans?

    1. Jericho says

      No plans yet! I’m thinking cold drink on a patio without the kid 🙂

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