How to Win Baby Pools

I’m happy to know that I’m not the only person obsessed with winning anything and everything. Before you get those dumbfounded looks from friends and family, remind yourself who else was psychotic about winning: Michael Jordan. So stick out your tongue 1 and prepare that fist pump because you’re about to learn  how to win baby pools.

Soon after the wedding invitations in your late 20s will come the baby announcements. Whether it’s your group of friends or your office, it’s nice to win and show how you’re superior to others 2. Baby pools usually consist of a few categories like the date when the baby will be born, the baby’s weight and length and whether it’s a boy or a girl. Here are a few tips for each category:

Birth Date

First babies are usually late. My wife and I started to get antsy by week 41. We went into overdrive trying to induce labour by eating pineapples, drinking raspberry leaf tea and taking super long walks. Our baby came a few days later. If it’s a first baby, put a guess down for one week after the due date. 7 to 10 days after the due date is a good range.

Weight & Length

Here’s where you want to lean on the law of averages. Consult Babycentre’s Growth Chart: Fetal Length and Weight, Week by Week. This is a great chart if you want to double down or hedge your bets. Say you lay a guess down for a baby arrival date in the 38th week. Maybe you put down a guess for the average size of a baby who arrives in 40 weeks so you can cover your bases.

You can also take into account the parents. Ethnicity may also play a role in baby size at birth. An article from Today’s Parent believes that Chinese and South Asian babies are born smaller than average. According to CBC, mixed race babies with Asian fathers have below average birth weights regardless of the mother’s ethnicity.

Boy or Girl

There are a lot of old wives tales when it comes to predicting the sex of a baby. There are two things that I like to use when predicting the sex 3: severity of the morning sickness and the shape of the mother’s belly.

If the morning sickness is so bad that the mother has to take medication, that’s an indicator of a boy. If the belly looks like the point of a football protruding from the mother’s abdomen, that’s also an indicator of a boy.

Alright, time to put that champagne on ice and start practicing your “surprised you won” look.


  1. Or not.
  2. So what if it’s a baby pool, I’m still better than you (insert your manager’s name here)!
  3. A lot of the articles i found uses the term “gender” predictor, rather than “sex” predictor. Odd right? Is it an SEO thing?

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    Even ole MJ couldn’t win at baseball! Lol! Good luck in the pools 🙂

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