How to Choose the Best Dad Shoes

My 19 month old daughter squirms in her stroller after arriving in the mall. After being confined for a brief period, she wants to stretch her legs and assert her independence. I oblige and before I can get her down she wiggles free, gets both feet on the ground and sprints away from her captor. She dodges mall patrons like a pint-sized Marshawn Lynch running through arm tackles and into the open field. Her legs may be tiny but like choosing the right shoes for grass vs turf, you have to make the right choice for an outing with your fearless little runningback. Here’s how to choose the best dad shoes:

Lightweight: Leave the steel toe boots at home and throw on some sneakers. Running shoes made with a lightweight mesh is a good bet.

Good Grip: You want some traction when you turn to chase a running child. Prevent the likelihood of slipping by picking shoes that have a good grip. Take a look at basketball shoes or cross-trainers.

Next, you have to make a tactical decision based on your activity.

Low Cut: If you’re in a space where you might need to make quick movements to save your little Beast Mode from falling off something, like a playground, you might want to go with low cut shoes. Low cut shoes allows you to be more agile and make quicker cuts when your kid decides to quickly change direction and make a run for the edge of a platform.

High Cut: If you’re just going to the library, choose high cut shoes. They give you more ankle support for when you’re walking and suddenly turn your ankle because you’re not still used to waking up at 6:00 am.

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