Cold Brew Coffee for Parents

Coffee is the lifeblood of any modern family. When you become a parent, 5% of your blood turns into coffee. This is a fact 1. As a parent and freelance writer, I drink between 2 and 30 cups of coffee per day. It helps me stay alert, awake and productive 2. Now that summer is around the corner, I’d prefer for my afternoon pick-me-up to be on the cooler side. Instead of the sugar bomb dressed as frappuccinos or flavourless iced coffee, I opt for a rich and bold cold brew coffee.

I tried cold brewed coffee for the first time when Stumptown was handing them out at a food exhibition in Portland a few years ago. It wasn’t a frap and it wasn’t cold coffee with ice – it was different. Cold brew coffee is what the name suggests. It’s coffee steeped in cold water instead of hot. Iced coffee was once hot coffee that cooled down. Frappuccinos are made of ice, some coffee and diabetes 3. Do yourself a favour and try this recipe for Cold Brew Coffee at home!


6 cups of water

1 cup of coffee grounds


Grind your coffee in a grinder using the most coarse setting.

Stir together coffee grounds and water in a French press. According to Stumptown, using a French press to cold brew coffee makes the coffee too strong and heavy. The plus with using  French press is that, like me, you may have one lying around in the house already.

Steep the coffee for 18 hours inside the refrigerator.

Applaud yourself for your patience and pour yourself a refreshing glass of your homemade cold brewed coffee. Add milk and sugar 4 to your heart’s content.

Now you’re refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on your two-year-old’s tantrums!

  1. This is not a fact.
  2. But it has also affected my ability to count.
  3. Seriously. It’s well over the recommended daily consumption of sugar from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  4. But not too much.

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