5 Things New Dads Need to Know

For women, becoming a mom has a lead-up. Pregnancy is a rehearsal for the big show. It’s real and it’s tangible right away. Women feel their child grow, then eventually kick and roll over in their abdomen. For a prospective new dad, these are scenes from a science fiction film. Unlike mothers, fathers are physically detached during pregnancy. They keep their partners comfortable, and they go to the shop to satisfy their food cravings, but there’s always a space between  them and their offspring. Then in an instant, science fiction becomes reality. One day you’re a regular guy, the next you’re taking care of another human being. It’s a jolt to the system, and it turns lives upside down. New dads need to learn so much and everything happens so quickly that it’s tough to handle. There’s so much to consider, but there are five essential things that new dads need to know while they embark on their journey into fatherhood.

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